Safety Alert – Finger Injury

Safety Alert – Finger Injury

A recent incident of a finger injury in one of the mines occurred when an employee put his hand into the belt guard of a slurry sump pump to check condition of the belt. Whilst in the process, the left fingers of the employee caught between the pulley and the belt when the pump rotated backwards induced by backflow of water in the discharge line. The employee sustained a self-amputating injury to tip of the left hand 4th finger.

Hand and fingers are often the body parts nearest to the line of fire and therefore; the risk assessments and controls need to focus on lowering the exposure of hand and fingers to hazards that can cause serious injury.


▪ Lack of job experience and competency.
▪ Lack of direct supervision at the time of incident.
▪ The pump was not isolated and set to operate in automatic mode.
▪ Failure to adhere to site Safe Work Procedures (SWP) and work instructions.
▪ Pump isolation and inspection sequence inadequately provided.

NOTE: This safety alert may be displayed at conspicuous places within the project area and the information widely disseminated amongst all concerned…

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