Mine Closure


Mine Closure and Sustainability

The Sustainability Planning Branch (SPB) is one of the branches of the Development Coordination Division (DCD) in MRA. It aims to ensure that mining benefits emanating from mining projects in Papua New Guinea are planned and managed within the regulatory and policy framework with benefits being distributed fairly and transparently to all beneficiaries to last beyond mine closure. The SPB is responsible for facilitating mine closure programs of operating mines.  It operates in close consultation with the rest of the division in ensuring that mining benefits agreed to during mine operations are planned and managed appropriately by the beneficiaries during mine operation to ensure sustained benefits after mine closure

Roles and Functions

Mine Closure Socio-Economic Plans & Programs

In compliance to respective mining companies Special Mining Leases or Mine Leases Grant Conditions, Mine Closure Guidelines, NEC Decision 71/2009, and the Mine Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), mining projects are required to furnish updated Mine Closure Plans (MCPs) to the State through the Mineral Resources Authority.

The required MCP should cover detailed plans and costings on the three major MCP components of 1) Mine Area Rehabilitation Plan, 2) Decommissioning Plan and 3) Socio Economic Closure Plan.

Prominence is granted to implementation of final MCP program 5 years before mine closure to ensure proper and legitimate mine closure that covers all important aspects of mine closure including environment rehabilitation, decommissioning and safety, and sustenance of development projects in the mining community.

Monitoring & Evaluation of Socio-Economic Projects

The monitoring and assessment of socio-economic projects managed by MRA under the MOA and PIP programs is aimed at assessing the effectiveness of PIP  funded projects and services in mining sector, and to identify if the projects are meeting the development indicators thus creating an impact in the lives of people. An in-house administration of a running database that covers assessment reports on MRA managed PIP funded projects and other development projects enables MRA to assess projects effectiveness.