Mine Project Coordination


Mine Project Coordination

The Mine Project Coordination Branch (MPC) is one of three (3) branches of DCD. It aims to ensure that mining activities within Papua New Guinea are conducted within the regulatory and policy framework with benefits from these activities being distributed fairly and transparently to all beneficiaries.

MPC Roles and Functions

Mining Projects that are facilitated by MPCB

Operating Mines 
Maintenance & Care Projects

Pertaining to each of the mining project above are the Memorandum of Agreements which highlight agreed benefits for mining beneficiaries and stakeholders. The benefits are negotiated and agreed to through a MoA process

Project Memorandum of Agreements (MOA)

Process of MOA Negotiations, Agreements and Requirements

Development Forum

Pursuant to Part 1, Section 3 (3) of the Mining Act 1992 on “Consultation”, a development forum shall be convened by the Mining Minister. The purpose of the Development Forum is to consult and listen to the views of the people who will be affected by the grant of the SML. The Minister shall invite to a development forum such persons as he considers will fairly represent the views of

The stakeholders/parties include the following MPC Roles and Functions

Mining Development Contract

MDC is a higher level agreement between project developer and the National Government. MDC discussions and negotiations are considered for SML projects only with a mine life of over 20 years. The Development Coordination Division facilitates and administers the MDC agreements

MOA Negotiations

The MOA discussions are guided by a charter and schedule developed by the parties. The agreed in principle MOA in processed through the established government process for clearance. Once NEC approves the MOA, the parties execute the MOA for signing and implementation.

MOA Projects Implementation and Monitoring

The Branch facilitates implementation of projects that are committed to by the National Government (NG) in mining projects MoAs. The projects committed to by the NG are socio-economic projects focused on aiding development initiatives and improving beneficiaries’ well-being and livelihood. Monitoring and Evaluation of the MoA projects is undertaken to ensure that the projects are managed well and are having positive impacts on beneficiaries livelihood.