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Mining in Papua New Guinea

Successful mining and exploration requires a good understanding and respect for the diversity of the country, both in terms of cultures and socio-economic contexts, as well as biodiversity and natural characteristics. MRA assists companies in abiding by existing legislation in this regard, and in providing overall advice, based on expertise which has been built up from work conducted throughout Papua New Guinea.

Resources Estimate

The MRA is principally a government regulatory institution providing regulatory services to companies holding exploration and mining tenements in Papua New Guinea. Mining can be a highly risky but profitable business, and people in Papua New Guinea may have high expectations on the benefits it may bring. MRA prides itself in managing these expectations effectively since its conception in 2005. Apart from these services, MRA is also a scientific institution conducting surveys and explorations to understand better the geology and mineralization of Papua New Guinea. It is the custodian of all mineral and other earth sciences data in Papua New Guinea.

Safety First

MRA conducts accident preventive awareness activities as part of their safety and health programs.

Mining Support

MRA plays a vital role in managing the perceptions and expectations of all its stakeholders.

The total mineral (oil & gas included) export of Papua New Guinea is 82.7 % of the total commodities exports (Bank of PNG, Sept 2020). The mining sector alone is approximately 60 % of the total exports.

Papua New Guinea has safer mining operations that are comparable with global mining jurisdictions. The Mines Inspectorate ensures that mining hazards and risks are managed to as low as reasonably practicable possible.

Papua New Guinea is blessed with a vast range of mineral resources consisting of Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel and Chromite (Chromium). In addition, there still remains a large array of other mineral resources that are yet to be discovered and currently our estimate on our mined resources remains to be assessed.

What we do

The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) is a government institution established to regulate, grow and sustainably manage the mining (minerals) industry to maximize mineral export revenue for Papua New Guinea. It is the custodian of over 15,000 volumes of exploration reports and over 900,000 data points of mineral data. It is the first point of contact for any businesses in the mining sector.

As the mining business encroaches on customary land, local communities are impacted one way or the other, and with it the perceptions and expectations on improvement of their lives. The MRA plays an important role in facilitating and managing these perceptions and expectations. It is the middleman for all stakeholders in the mining and exploration and related activities.

Regulatory Services
Geology & Mineral Data
Mining Community Managment

A whole division, with a staff of 39 is dedicated to effectively administering and managing all exploration and mining projects in Papua New Guinea. The division registers and manages all tenements; applications, currents, and renewals. It hosts the three key State Regulatory Positions; The Registrar of Tenements, The Chief Mining Warden, and The Chief Mines Inspector.

The Geological Survey of Papua New Guinea is an integral part and a division of the Mineral Resources Authority, when MRA was established in 2005. It is the scientific arm of MRA, responsible for the acquisition, process and analysis, and custodianship of all earth sciences data of Papua New Guinea. This data includes the explorations reports, some dating back to the 1950s & 60s and remote sensing data, mainly geophysical data such as aeromags, radiometrics and Radar

Mining in Papua New Guinea draws a lot more stakeholders than other global mining jurisdictions. The direct and indirect members of the community stakeholders alone are vast, and with it comes varying perceptions and expectations. Adding to this is the various levels of governments in Papua New Guinea, and the company and its shareholders. Seeing the enormity of the tasks in managing them, the Government of PNG through MRA dedicated a team of 22 officers to effectively manage the projects and their potential issues. One of their key policy documents administered and managed by this team is the Mining Project Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). They are the implementers of the national government’s PIP projects.

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Managing Social Licenses

We have a strong team of highly qualified and skilled professionals that are tasked to manage the social licenses (SL) of various exploration & mining projects in Papua New Guinea. As there are no legislations giving the basis to administer  social licenses, the memorandum of agreement (MOA) provides the guidelines to implement and manage socio-economic services and projects.

MRA Information


Provides regular notices and advertisements relating to MRA services and activities for our customers and stakeholders.

MRA Publications

Provides a variety or diversified publications for promotional, investment purposes and for public information.

Useful Links

Provides government department and institution links, to the key stakeholders in the mining sector.


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PNG Mining Industry

The Mining Act 1992 is the principle legislations any investor must be familiar with before engaging in any mining and related businesses. It governs the tenements systems and related activities.

Mining Projects

It’s a challenge to MRA and companies to discover new prospects, hence mines. With new tools for exploration we stand to win in the unlocking of the minerals from a complex geological setting.

Geoscientific Data

The Interactive Map Portal showing the distribution of the various mineral elements in Papua New Guinea including the geology is here.

Mining Regulations

For conducting business in PNG, under PNG Laws, Section 28 of the IPA stipulates the requirements. This page is comprised of documents from all over the website for quick reference.

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