Board & Management


Board & Executive Management

The objective of the Board and the Executive Management Team of MRA is to provide strategic direction and satisfy the government, all stakeholders and customers by providing appropriate advice on Mining, Mineral Exploration and Extractive regulations in Papua New Guinea. In order for MRA to achieve its business objectives and goals, the Board and Executive Management ensures that all Executive Managers’ have a Business Performance Plan for their divisions measured by one of the critical success factors.

Focus on attracting new mineral sector investment to Papua New Guinea by establishing a marketing function incorporating the requirements to promote “prospectivity”(encourage exploration by Mining Companies) , deliver products and services to potential investors, and to effectively deal with public relations issues. All divisions work towards improving MRA’s performance which shall be measured against set Key Performance Indicators and jointly monitored by respective divisional heads with the Human Resources team as part of the consultative process.

At the commencement of each financial year an agreed set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are selected as targets for performance improvement for the following twelve months. These targets are jointly agreed to by discussion between the Managing Director, Divisional Heads, and HR Team. The organization’s achievement against these selected KPIs are measured and reported to all staff on a quarterly basis.At the conclusion of each financial year and no later than January 31st of the following year, a full report is made available to all staff. The results for the year are assessed by the Performance Management Committee to consider how staff should be rewarded and make recommendations for approval.

Productivity issues are monitored using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which include the following:

The MRA has five (5) divisions

Improves stakeholder consultation, project facilitation and management of mining benefit streams including small scale mining from exploration to mining phases of development by formation of a project facilitation function.

Efficiently implements existing legislation and continuously improves operational processes by establishes of a regulatory operations function and establish a working partnership with the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management.

Documents, manages and provides regional geological, geophysical and geological resource information by formation of modified geological mapping function.

Provides human resource, financial and information technology services and support to the MRA and its Board by the establishment of a corporate support function.

The Managing Director is responsible to the Board for matters relating to administration and institution of the MRA including its day to day operations and activities.  The Managing Director is responsible to the Minister relating to the implementation of the provisions of the Mining Act 1992 and all mining regulatory or policy matters.

The Special Projects Unit (SPU) is a functional branch that sits within the Office of the Managing Director.


Mineral Resources Authority Corporate Service’s primary objective is to ensure that the MRA is fully functional and operational. It ensures that MRA realizes its corporate mandate through provision of a well-established and functional Corporate Services Division in providing Finance and Accounting duties and functions, Human Resources, Information Technology and Assets Management services on a timely and cost effective manner. The division also ensures that the operating Divisions perform at an optimum level of efficiency, thereby leading to realization of the overall organizational goals and objectives.

The CSD plays the supportive and facilitative role to the other four (4) operational divisions with its stated objectives being:

Human Resources
Information Technology

The establishment of Finance and Accounting Branch is to ensure that there is an adequate resources for the long term operations of MRA into the future through the regular budgetary process.

The objective is to, Prudently manage the cash resources derived from Mining Levy and other revenue streams per the relevant legislations under MRA.Ensure that the MRA is properly expending and accounting for the funds received and are applied according to set budgets. IT also exists to have in place a well-developed and functional procedures and systems that will prudently manage, control and account for the financial resources of the Mineral Resources Authority. The division also investigate frauds, perform financial and compliance audits and recommend corrective action where needed.

The Human Resources division’s function is to have a fully staffed Human Resource team supported by a well-developed Human Resource Policies, Procedures, Systems including a reward and remuneration system that will attract and retain a highly skilled and experienced human resources within MRA, for the effective discharge of their individual and divisional functions and responsibilities for the achievement of the overall organizational goals and objectives.

The IT Division is established to operate a fully integrated Management Information System that will offer the required support to the attainment of the divisional goals and objectives through the application of a wide range of information technology services sourced and/or developed internally or externally.

The Assets Management & Sales Division’s function is to manage MRA’s existing assets whilst determining the procurement of the necessary goods and services required for MRA operations in a timely, cost effective and reliable manner to enable the effective and efficient operations of the organization thereby leading to the realization of the overall organizational goals and objectives.