Mining Regulations

Conducting Business in Papua New Guinea

Under PNG Laws, Section 28 of the Investment Promotion Act stipulates the requirements. The Certification unit accepts application for certification by foreign enterprises, processes and makes recommendation to the Board for approval. It is crucial to note that the certification of foreign enterprises by the IPA does not relieve a company from meeting the requirements of other agencies nor does it override their approvals.

Investment Promotions Authority

Registration & Certification Requirements for Foreign Enterprises in Papua New Guinea

In order to do business in PNG, Foreign companies must register on the PNG Register of Companies. There are two choices

  • Register as an overseas company incorporated under another jurisdiction (Form 46)
  • Set up a PNG registered company wholly owned by an overseas company (Forms 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6).
  • Note : Fees (for registration) = PGK560.00

    Once entered into the PNG Register of Companies, certification of the company by IPA is required (Form 3).

  • Note : Fees (for certification) = PGK2,000.00  

    For more information go to Papua New Guinea Investment Promotions Authority website: