Small Scale Mining

Small Scale Mining ( SSM )

Small Scale Mining Training Centre (SSMTC) is Papua New Guinea’s only institution that offers skills training for the small scale miners. The Institution was established in 2009 through the Mining Support Sector Program sponsored and managed by the European Union until it was handed over to the Mineral Resources Authority in 2010. 

The Institution began training its first batch of small scale miners in October 2009. The mining school offers Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and an Extension Program to its participants. The Institution also conducts outreach training programs in remote areas. Upon completion of the courses participants are awarded certificates in Small Scale Mining.

Small Scale Mining Chart
Onsite and Outreach Training Program

The Small Scale Mining provides onsite and outreach programs. The outreach programs are carried out in remote areas of the country. The targets are areas that have high proportion of the population active in artisanal and small scale gold mining (ASGM).

The onsite training program is housed within SSMTC located in Wau in the Morobe Province of PNG.   The courses fees  cover for accommodation and meals. Transportation costs are borne by the participants.

Awareness Program

SSMTC also conducts awareness aimed at the alluvial miners, on the existence of the Small Scale Mining Training Centre and the course modules that the training centre provides.

SSMTC SSM Course information

SSMTC provides course guidelines to those who are interested to participate. The courses offered in SSMTC are similar to the level of courses taught in other Technical, Vocational and Education Training (TVET) in PNG. The following courses are available at SSMTC and are equivalent to  TVET standards.

Course Registration

Registration forms can be picked up at the Small Scale Mining Training Centre or at the Regulatory Operations Division of the MRA at the Mining Haus, Konedobu,  NCD or be Download Online. The registration application fee ofK20.00 is non-refundable. All payments can be made through the MRA or through SSMB. Upon the payment of the registration fee the registration form is submitted together with the payment details to SSMTC in Wau.

The certificate courses and the associated fees are as specified hereunder. The rates depend on whether corporate and government funding or self funding.

Certificate Courses Corporate /Government SponsorSelf Funding
Certificate 1 in Small Scale Mining PGK 300.00 PGK 250.00
Certificate 2 in Small Scale Mining PGK 400.00 PGK 350.00
Certificate 3 in Small Scale Mining PGK 500.00 PGK 450.00
Certificate 4 in Small Scale Mining PGK 600.00 PGK 550.00