Mining Industry Quarter 1 OHS Bulletin 2017

Mining Industry Quarter 1 OHS Bulletin 2017

The Mineral Resources Authority through the Mines Safety Branch of the Regulatory Operations Division is proud to provide to you the “Mining Industry OHS Bulletin – Quarter 1 – 2017”, which can be read in conjunction with and as a continuation of our previous publications. The 2017 Quarter 1 publication features Health and Fitness Performance of the Industry apart from Safety.

In the 1st quarter of 2017, it is pleasing to note that the mining industry in PNG experienced a fatalityfree reporting period. This outcome is a testament of the tireless and unseen efforts of all concerned stakeholders to ensure robust safety and health systems are developed and implemented. I urge all parties to continue to support these efforts and allocate resources to continue to make our mining operational areas safer places to work and live.

However, the recent occurrence of some serious accidents causing bodily injuries at our mines has tarnished the many good initiatives to arrest the recent past incident trends.

In spite of the many challenges that we are faced in our industry, it has been a collaborative effort thus far for MRA through the Mines Safety Branch along with mine management and employees to resource and identify risk exposures, and rectify these immediately.

I applaud the increased compliance efforts undertaken by the Mines Safety Branch and the continuous support of the mine senior management to ensure that workers’ health and safety are improved throughout all the mining operational sites.

We trust that these ongoing safety improvements will continue to provide workers and their families’ with an assurance that our mining industry can be held to the highest safety standards and practices…

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