MRA Corporate Plan 2022-2027

Mineral Resources Authority Corporate Plan 2022-2027

It gives me tremendous pleas­ure to oversee the develop­ment of the 2022 Strategic and Visionary Corporate Plan for the Mineral Resources Authority,

This plan aims at improving efficiency, good governance and strengthening technical capabilities at the Mineral Resources Authority; demonstrate strong commitment towards stimulating resurgence of mineral exploration and long-term sustainability of the Mining Sector in PNG, beyond potential deple­tion of all existing mega mineral reserves by 2063; and, safeguards State revenue streams for the State and improves quality of lives for the mining impact communities.

Building on from our 15 years of evolu­tionary growth, anchored on strong foundation, this strategic plan intends to strengthen our capabilities, by improv­ing our systems through recruitment, training and retention of highly-skilled multi-disciplinary human capital, backed by appropriate and innovative artificial intelligence systems, that can achieve our set goals and objectives effectively and efficiently.

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