Mining Industry Quarter 2 OHS Bulletin 2017

Mining Industry Quarter 2 OHS Bulletin 2017

Despite the current economic gloominess, the mining industry in PNG is experiencing an increase in employee numbers when compared with the reporting period last year, consistent with rising productivity and commodity prices.

It also appears that the safety and health statusof our sector has improved over the same period, giving me confidence that the efforts of the Mineral Resources Authority, through the Mines Safety Branch’s emphasis on increased compliance is making a difference to ensure worker’s health and safety is improved at every opportunity.

The “Mining Industry OHS Bulletin – Quarter 2 – 2017”, is a continuation from the previous publications. It is our desire to see that this wealth of data could be utilized by management and stakeholders to influence both short and long term Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) outcomes.

This quarter continues the trend of fatality-free reporting periods. However, the number of serious incidents occurring in the industry reminds us to continue our effort and commitment to prevent planned events, as we are aware that these negative outcomes can have detrimental impacts on the livelihoods of individuals and their families.

Mines Safety Branch has up skilled the capabilities of its Inspectors with the recent Lead Auditor training in OHS to international standard; ISO 18001. Audits are a proactive effort to identify deficiencies in the health and safety management systems within our mines, enabling gaps in the system to be remedied. The management of MRA has allocated the necessary resources to ensure safety standards can be improved and maintained through similar training programs. It is also anticipated that the audits will be conducted in a more efficient and effective manner, thus leading to the better management of risks and safety exposures.

Mines Safety Branch, with the continuous support of senior mine management, and all other stakeholders, must continue to work together to ensure that mine workers get back to their home and families safe and healthy at the end of each shift or rostered period…

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