Successful conclusion of the Porgera Special Mining Lease

Successful conclusion of the Porgera Special Mining Lease (SML) 11 sub-clan agent validation exercise

Media Statement: Jerry Maku – District Administrator for Porgera and Mr. JerryGarry – Managing Director for the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).

The National Court and State sanctioned sub-clan agent validation exercise for the Porgera gold mine which was launched on 19, July 2021 in Porgera was successfully completed on 5, August 2021.

All 25 clans owning land within the Special Mining Lease (SML) 11 boundaries have been processed and respective individuals have been given consents by their clan membersto be their agents in relation to all matters arising or relating to Porgera gold mine.

The names of these individuals will be submitted to the Waigani National Courts for endorsement because this exercise was a National Court ordered program

The exercise was aimed at getting landowners’ consents in appointing clan agents within the SML 11, who will ultimately participate in the negotiations during the development forum either as agents or through a properly constituted association.

Clans in the Lease for Mining Purpose (LMP), Mining Easement and Mining Lease areaswill undergo a similar process towards the end of this week.

The SML 11 clans which already gave their consents to be represented by the respective individuals are as follows:-

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