MRA Managing Director Position Vacancy

Position Vacancy: Managing Director MRA Executive Level 5

The Mineral Resources Authority (‘MRA’’) Board pursuant to the Public Service Management Act 1995 (as amended), the Regulatory Statutory Authorities (Appointments to Certain Offices) Act 2004 and the Mineral Resources Authority Act 2018 (‘MRA Act’) is seeking a highly qualified and experienced executive for the role of Managing Director of MRA.

The MRA is a Regulatory Statutory Authority established by the MRA Act in 2005. It is a statutory organisation, mandated to provide strategic direction to the Board and the Executive Management team in developing and maintaining a long-term strategic plan, annual operating plan and capital plan for MRA that includes goals, strategies and performance measures for all aspects of MRA operations including the overall National Government’s focus of the PNG mining sector.

In accordance with Section 21 of the MRA Act, the Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer and carries overall responsibility for providing strategic leadership to the Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) creating a clear corporate vision and culture upon which the Authority will be managed and progressively developed as expected by the stakeholders.

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