Independent Chairman for The MRA Board

Position Vacancy: Independent Chairman for The Mineral Resources Authority Board

The Mineral Resources Authority (‘MRA’) Board is seeking for an Independent Chairman.

MRA Background
The MRA is a statutory government institution established to undertake scientific research, administer, regulate and manage the sustenance of the mining industry to maximise the mineral/metal export revenue for the optimum benefit of Papua New Guinea, (PNG).

The MRA was established under the MRA Act 2018 to administer the regulatory functions in accordance with Mining Act, Mining (Safety) Act, Mining Development Agreements, Community development agreements and related agreements and legislations.

Furthermore, MRA conducts geoscientific surveys and research to improve the understanding of the geological framework and mineralization in PNG. It also holds over 15,000 exploration reports and over 90,000 mineral data points under its repository for public use by the exploration and mining sector.

The MRA continues to aspire to meet the challenges confronting the nation, in its 5-year Corporate Plan, to address declining exploration expenditures, depletion of mega deposits in the inventory, closure of mega mines within 5 decades and huge lead time required for mine development from discoveries. Furthermore, MRA continues to seek improvements in its service deliveries, management systems and retention of best human capital.

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