Minister Dilu to Present Stakeholders’ Views

Minister Dilu to Present Stakeholders’ Views on the Proposed National Gold Corporation Bill 2024 To PM

Mining Minister Hon Muguwa Dilu, said yesterday that he would inform the Prime Minister, that the mining industry and stakeholders would need another 6-12 months of consultations on the proposed National Gold Corporation Bill 2024, to fully understand the implications of the bill.

The Minister said the government would have two objectives of conducting more consultations.

1. Is to make amendments to the proposed bill, or shelve it.
2. Is to design a business model that will work for the country

Minister Dilu was speaking during the stakeholder consultation workshop on the bill at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby.

He said the government had taken note of the overwhelming call by the industry and the wider stakeholders for more consultations.
“As a responsible government and as a responsible Minister, I hear all your concerns,” said Minister Dilu.
However, he said, the government under the leadership of the Prime Minister Hon James Marape, would not change its goal-post and focus on downstream processing of the country’s commodities especially gold.
“We just need to find a best way forward. If we don’t talk about downstream processing in the mining sector now, when and who will talk about it in the future?”

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