Friday, August 6, 2021
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Regular MRA Publications

Mining Exploration Bulletin

The bulletin is a bi-annual publication that is intended to give information on the performance and development of mineral exploration and mining projects in the country. It also contains articles on the administrative functions of the MRA as well as government initiatives and policies of the authority.

Mineral Tok

The official newsletter of the Mineral Resources Authority, is a regular production containing information on MRA and its stakeholders including the industry and development partners and their activities in various aspects ranging from industry updates, exploratory work, sustainable people centered activities, legislative policies and updates, capacity building and institutional strengthening developments as well as investment and marketing drives.


The MRA, through its divisions, regularly publishes brochures and pamphlets on a number of topics.

Corporate Services Division Corporate Services Division Brochure
Development Coordination Division Development Coordination Division Brochure 
Geological Survey Division Geological Survey Division Brochure
Regulatory Operations Division SSMTC General Information 
  Licensing Phase Tenement 
Application Renewal Process 


The library is the repository of records and information/data on geo-scientific studies and work from pre-independence era to present. It contains a huge volume of geo-scientific knowledge and archives statutory reports submitted by mineral tenement holders. You can access the library here


Previous issues of publications, news archives and other documents can be found here