Friday, August 6, 2021
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Lodging of Applications

Lodging of Application (Steps in the Application Process)

STEP 1 | Lodging of Applications

Attachments to be submitted together with Application Form.

Form to be filled, signed and submitted in person or by a nominated agent

Application Fee: K5,000.00

STEP 2 | Registration of Application by Registrar

STEP 3 | Advertisement of Application in media.

STEP 4 | Warden’s Hearing and Reporting (this is usually done at the proposed activity site)

STEP 5 | Technical Assessment of Application

STEP 6 | Mining Advisory Council (MAC) considers application (the council is comprised of government representatives) and recommends to the Minister for decision.

STEP 7 | Mining Minister makes decision on application.

STEP 8 | Payment of Fees and Obtaining of Exploration Permit.

Fees Information

Fees & Explanations

Annual rent in respect of:

Exploration License (per sub block/annum) Term 1 K90.00
Exploration License (per sub block/annum)
Term 2 K180.00
Exploration License (per sub block/annum) Term 3 K470.00

Mining Lease - up to 10 ha

over 10 up to 50 ha K8.00
  over 50 ha K12.00
Special Mining Lease
Alluvial Mining Lease   K3.00
Lease for Mining Purposes   K12.00
Mining easement   None

Minimum Expenditure Requirements

Term 1 K400 per sub block annually
Term 2 K1000 per sub block annually
Term 3 K2000 per sub block annually

Conditions for Renewal

  • Fufill work proposals
  • Submit bi-annual reports

License Conditions

  • Work Programs
  • Expenditure
  • Reporting

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