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The MRA promotional website aims to provide comprehensive information on the minerals sector in Papua New Guinea. We aim to become an invaluable source of information to any prospective Exploration and Mining Company who is considering doing business in PNG. This Overview section provides brief descriptions of the site content and functionality.

Site Web Pages


This is the entry point to the portal; has a general introduction to the MRA and its function; a quick links module to other useful sites; links for downloading documents of interest; and the latest MRA news.
MRA Management  Describes the structure of the MRA and introduces the MRA Management 

MRA Divisions

Describes The MRA Divisions; what functions they perform; who the personnel are and who to contact within those Divisions.

Geology & Mining

Describes the Geology of PNG; and PNG's mining sector, both historical & present

Investor's Guide

Describes the procedures for investing in PNG; and provides application documents for download.

Application Forms can be downloaded from the Investor's Guide/Application Forms page. The exploration application procedure is discussed in Investor's Guide/Application Forms/Exploration License Application Information


A list of all the Maps and publications can be found here. Orders can also be automatically created here.

  • After all items have been selected the user can click on the 'View my basket' link at the bottom of the mini-cart, which takes the user to the Store Checkout page
  • The Store Checkout page shows the selected items and totals the basket of goods
  • If the Account is correct then the user can click on the 'Chekout' button
  • This takes the user to the Checkout page, which details the users order, and requests the user's name and Billing and Shipping addresses (at least one is required)
  • After completion of the form, the order is sent to the MRA by clicking on the 'Confirm Order' button
  • A final page is displayed which gives the order number - record this number as it is used as the order reference number.
  • The MRA will then contact you to confirm your order, confirm the goods are in stock and provide an invoice to you
  • Upon payment for the goods, the goods shall be shipped to you or can be collected from the Mining Haus.

Document Download

This page is comprised of the different documents from all over the website categorised and displayed in several different containers or drop down lists

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