Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Successful mining and exploration requires a good understanding and respect for the diversity of the country, both in terms of cultures and socio-economic contexts, as well as biodiversity and natural characteristics. MRA assists companies in abiding by existing legislation in this regard, and in providing overall advice, based on expertise which has been built up from work conducted throughout PNG.

Community & Environment

Most land is controlled through traditional land tenure systems. All active exploration and/or mining company are legally required to consult with, and to adequately compensate impacted land owners. Establishing a good relationship with landowners and local communities is, furthermore, an important success factor when working in PNG.

Mining & Communities

PNG is in many parts still unspoilt and undeveloped, and contains areas of great natural beauty as well as biological importance, both in terms of overall biodiversity and the presence of rare species. MRA is assisting the government as a custodian of this biological heritage.

Small-Scale Mining

Small-scale mining for gold in riverine sediments is an important form of livelihood in PNG. The MRA controls and supervises these activities. It also supports the further development of the sector through training activities and other types of technical support. The MRA runs a small-scale mining school in Wau.