Sunday, June 20, 2021
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The Special Projects Unit is an inline unit of the Mineral Resources Authority established within the Executive Division and reporting directly to the Managing Director.

SPU Functions

The primary function of the SPU is to establish on-going development and support function in the areas of project procurement, financial accounting and management for the European Union (SYSMIN), World Bank and other future donor funded projects.

Strategic Goals for Special Projects Unit

  • Developing and regularly reviewing project management plans and the overall project management services for our development partners.
  • Providing the necessary logistical requirements for our development partners.
  • Providing procurement management services that meet the requirements of our development partners.
  • Maintaining accounts of expenditure under these projects that meet the accounting procedures and reporting standards of our development partners.
  • Providing periodic reports on project status to the development partners, and the MRA Management and Board.

Contact Details

Phone: (675) 321 3511 or (675) 309 1616
Fax : (675) 320 0578 or (675)321 0153
Email : and