Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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The Office of the Managing Director accommodates the Managing Director, Board Secretary and the Principal Legal officer. Also under this office is the Special Projects Unit.

The Managing Director (MD) is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority. He is the head of the staff of the Authority; and is responsible to the Board for the efficient carrying out of functions of the Authority.

Managing Director

Mr. Philip Samar
Chairman of the Mineral Advisory Council (MAC)
Ex Officio Member of the MRA Board

PNG National Representative (Alternate) to SOPAC (Pacific Islands Geoscience Commission) & CCOP (Coordinating Committee of Geoscience Programmes in East & South East Asia

Board Functions (general)

As set up by the Mineral Resources Authority Act 2005, the MRA Board is to perform the functions, exercise the powers and manage and direct the administrative affairs of the Authority.

The Minister for Mining may, after consultation with, and acting on the advice and recommendation of, the Mining Advisory Council, give to the Board general or specific directions as to Mineral policy.

Current Members of the MRA Board as of 2012


Mr. Robin Bill Moaina, CBE
Profession: Geologist

Management Experience
Former GM Corporate Relations - OK Tedi Mining Limited
Former Secretary - Department of Mining

Deputy Chairman

Mr. Shadrach Himata
Profession: Mining Engineer

Management Experience
Secretary - Department of Mineral Policy & Geohazards Management

(Alternate: Mr. John Arumba) 


Mr. Simon Tosali
Profession: Economist

Management Experience
Secretary - Department of Treasury
(Alternate: Mr. Aloysius Hamou)

Director (New appointment in progress) 

Secretary - Department of Finance - Substantive appointment still pending

(Alternate: To be nominated by the Secretary) 


Ms. Juliana Kubak
Profession: Economist

Management Experience
Acting Secretary - Department of National Planning & Monitoring
(Alternate To be nominated by the Secretary)

Director (New appointment in progress) 
PNG Business Council

The PNG Business Council has named two (2) nominees for consideration as Directors of the Board.

This appointment process has been initiated for consideration by the Public Services Commission and the National Executive Council.

Board Composition

The Board consist of nine members

  • Four representing the public sector and
  • Four representing the private sector with
  • The Managing Director being the ninth person

Board Experience

The members of the MRA Board have an in-depth and extensive managerial experience drawing from their respective responsibilities in both the private and public sector. Almost half of the members have, during some period in their working life, worked in the predecessor organization to the MRA which is the Department of Mining and who are therefore familiar with the roles, responsibilities and challenges of this new entity.

The Board’s affairs is managed by a Board Secretary.