Sunday, June 20, 2021
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1.1 Geological Mapping Program

The Program aims to systematically update the 1:250 000 scale regional geological maps throughout the country by producing new 1:100 000 scale geological maps that will have more detailed geological information as well as information on mineral potential and prospectivity. The project is driven by the need to produce an up-to-date understanding of the geology of PNG, and in part by the need to provide geologists in the Branch with more experience in field mapping, map compilation and database compilation to international standards.

Two areas have been mapped since August 2011 with the map products launched in July 2015; they are the Wau 1:100 000 map sheet and Biaru 1:100 000 map sheet, both in the Bulolo District of Morobe Province. The current projects are the Yule 1:100 000 sheet and the Wasa 1:100 000 sheet, both in the Goilala District of the Central Province. Funding for these projects have been purely supported by the MRA.

Wau 1:100 000 Mapping Project

The Wau Geological Mapping project was intended to update our knowledge on the geology of the Wau 1:100 000 sheet area. Wau being the centre of a region with important historical gold production, and is one of the most prospective regions in PNG, has very little work published on the geology of the area for more than a decade. This forms the basis for this mapping project.

Some of the key results include: 

  1. The basal Owen Stanley Metamorphic unit have been categorized into five main subunits, termed Ko1-Ko5. 
  2. Although the main structures in the Wau - Bulolo area are widely considered to define a graben, more work is needed to confirm or refute this interpretation. 
  3. There is still no doubt that the main structural regime is northwest and that Pliocene magmatism and mineralization shows a strong structural control but the nature of regional tectonic controls is yet to be understood. More details can be obtained from Saroa et al 2015 Wau Explanatory Note.

Biaru 1:100 000 Mapping Project

The Biaru Geological Mapping project was aimed to reexamine the existing geology and assess the mineralization potential of Biaru. Additionally, the area is situated on the adjoining sheet to the Wau area and is within the prospective corridor within the Owen Stanley range.

Some of the key results include: 

  1. Three main mineralizing phases associated with prevailing tectonic regimes being recognized with east-west structures being less mineralized.
  2. Morobe Granodiorite appears to shred quantifiable alluvial gold into the Lakekamu Embayment (Basin) with the marble and recrystallized limestone as seals of buffer on the north northeast of Kakoro area. 
  3. Intrusive contacts as potential for low grade/low tonnage  copper gold mineralization. Further details can be obtained from Wamugl et al, 2015, Biaru Explnanatory Note.

Goilala 1:100 000 Mapping Projects

The purpose of mapping in the Goilala region is to develop new 100K map sheets of Wasa and Yule regions. This field program will collate all geological and geophysical data by mapping out those anomalies in the Wasa and Yule 100k map sheets in Goilala and define other additional mineral occurrences which will lead to establishing a better understanding of the geology and mineralization potential in the area. This data will further also boost the mineral potential and exploration activity within the region. More information on the propose mapping can be sourced from the Preliminary draft Explanatory Note_Wasa and Yule 1:100 000 sheet progress report.