Saturday, November 23, 2019
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Mapping Geologist

This position is responsible for implementing planned and agreed geological mapping activities to improve existing geological maps which will contribute towards enlarging the database concerning PNG’s earth resources.

Key Responsibilities: Experience & Qualifications:
  • Compile maps and reports summarizing the results of the field observations and laboratory analysis results.
  • Undertake field visit in the targeted areas to collate data for the purpose of observation and sampling.
  • Provide report on field observation to capture necessary information.
  • Ensure all relevant data is consistently and accurately entered into the geological database.
  • Conduct on the job training for field assistants to up skill them so that they are able to fully assist geologists.
  • Ensure samples of data are prepared and ready for laboratory analysis.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree; majoring in Geology, preferably honours degree.
  • Knowledge of the Geographical Information System (GIS); such as ArcGIS and MapInfo softwares.
  • Knowledge and understanding of PNG geology, tectonics, mineral occurrences and mineral deposits.
  • Knowledge of field surveying techniques for different exploration methods.
  • Knowledge and skills in technical report writing and geological research skills.
  • Interpretation of remote sensing imagery.
  • At least five (5) years’ of relevant experience and three (3) years’ of technical / operational experience in geological mapping and data interpretation.