Saturday, November 23, 2019
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Liaison Officer - Pogera/MT.Kare

This position is responsible for assisting coordinators to manage State, Community and Developer interactions on the ground at sites and provide a problem solving service to ensure the maintenance of harmonious operating environment for mine developers. Assist developers on site to meet all regulatory requirements in order to facilitate development. Assist to negotiate project agreements on behalf of the State. Assist in the management of landowner issues at project sites. Assist other staff of the Division in the efficient implementation of Public Investment Projects in Mining areas.

Key Responsibilities: Experience & Qualifications:
  • Formulate and implement an ongoing liaison program between the local communities in the mining project area and the Company to ensure an effective consultation process is maintained.
  • Closely monitor the attitudes of landowners and Advise on methods of ensuring stable relationships between Landowners and the Mining Companies in order to enhance good relationships among stakeholders.
  • Prepare and present briefs, arrange and chair meetings with community representatives and collect and analyze community views concerning the projects as a means to effectively engage with the community.
  • Act as the key National Government representative in discussions and negotiations with the company and landowners in order that all stakeholders’ views are shared.
  • Attend meetings and prepare presentations at the Provincial and National Government levels as required in order that there is maximum representation and participation.
  • Ensures MRA management is kept well informed of community issues through monthly and special reports on issues of concern to the local people.
  • Provide the coordinator with timely advice on matters relevant to the project and prepare draft correspondence, submissions and reports relating to project developments.
  • Assist the coordinators to liaise and negotiate with other Government Departments, statutory bodies, institutions, the Mining Industry, communities, landowners, and aid donors.
  • Contribute and participate in team approach and activities that is critical to the success of MRA and Participate in the negotiation of project agreements on behalf of the State.
  • Participate in the management of State, Community and developer interactions and provide a problem solving service to ensure the maintenance of harmonious operating environment for developers.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Post Graduate Degree in Socio-Economics / Social Science and related qualification
  • Good coordination and planning skills
  • Strategic and analytical skills in planning and development
  • Effective project management skills
  • Demonstrated high level of written and verbal communication, presentation skills including reports and submission writing, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • At least five (5) years’ experience in Project Coordination and Community Relations with expertise in project design management & coordination.